The air conditioning course will give you the necessary knowledge to perform in the area of ​​
an Air Conditioning Technician.  This will include guiding you through the process of obtaining an EPA Certification. The course is 45 weeks and will be 4 hours of classes per week. The course covers EPA 608, R410A, and EPA 609 certifications and the basic principles of air conditioning, refrigeration cycles, compressors, A / C diagrams, gas and electric heating, recovery, vacuum, and steps for Freon service. Diagnose problems and their solutions for: electric motors. central, commercial and window systems. Also, the use and management of the different tools of the air conditioning technician, such as calculating areas and determining tonnage. The course includes theory and practice. 

Certification Program for Technicians pursuant to Section 608 of the Clean Air Act 

EPA requires that anyone who maintains, services, repairs, or disposes of household appliances in a manner that could emit refrigerants into the atmosphere must be certified. Technicians must pass an EPA-approved test in order to receive technician certification under Section 608. There are four types of certifications: 

Type I – To service small appliances. 

Type II – To service or dispose of high or very high pressure appliances, except small appliances and motor vehicle air conditioners). 

Type III – To service or dispose of low pressure appliances. 

Universal – To service all types of equipment. 

To obtain certification, you must pass the General exam as well as the corresponding Type exam. The General exam covers topics such as the environmental effects of refrigerants; the Clean Air Act and the Montreal Protocol; Section 608 regulations; refrigerants and substitute oils; refrigeration; recovery, recycling and reclamation techniques; dehydration evacuation; security and transportation. 

The Types I, II and III exams contain 25 general questions and 25 questions adapted to the corresponding type to total 50 questions with alternatives. The Universal exam consists of 100 questions with alternatives, 25 general and 25 adapted to each type, the exams are supervised. 

When you successfully pass a certification exam you will receive a card as a technician. Currently, the Technician Certification credentials under Section 608 do not expire. You are required to keep a copy of your certification at your workplace, and EPA recommends that you keep a copy of your card in case you lose it. 

Technician Certification Program pursuant to Section R-410A 

Due to the high pressure nature of the R-410A, most manufacturers agree that R-410A specific additional training is a good choice. To this end, an R-410A training program has been developed for EPA Section 608 certified technicians. This R-410A training is not intended to teach installation, troubleshooting, or repair of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Refrigeration technicians must already be well informed in these areas before taking this course. This supplemental training is to be used with and requires knowledge of the methods and procedures described in the EPA Section 608 Training Program. 

Electrician Apprentice Course 

The course will guide you through the electrician apprentice certification process so that you can work as an Electrician Assistant. It will cover the basic principles of electricity. Supply and measurement of electrical circuits. Ohm’s law. Serial circuit and formulas. Parallel circuit and formulas. Caliber calculation of the conductor and the protection element. How a thermo magnetic switch works, independent circuits. The course includes theory and practice.